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About Us

I grew up in a family of garment makers. My grandfather was a bespoke tailor in Hong Kong, and my mother made her own garments and taught me sewing at an early age. When I was in high school, I applied my interest in apparel and studied fashion in New York and Florence. I ended up working in tech in Silicon Valley, where tee shirts and fleece vests were the standard instead of more formal suits. I searched for the best options for dressing in this casual setting; simultaneously, my colleagues asked if there were nicer clothes they could purchase to look great and professional, and out of this whitespace the idea of Le Pastiche was born. -Cullen Mo, Founder


Our Mission

A Fresh Take: Le Pastiche offers an upscale vision for today’s uniform. We believe that more casual wardrobes and work from home settings don’t mean sacrificing on high quality and thoughtful clothing. Every part of the product is carefully considered, from sourcing innovative materials to adding useful details that enhance our clothing. The result looks effortlessly elevated. We believe that when you look your best and feel your most confident every day, you’re capable of doing great things.


Our Process

Slow-Made Luxury: We partnered with an exceptional atelier in the Campania region of Italy to make all of our clothing. Our partner carries over 100 years of tradition passionately crafting woven apparel. We also source our materials from the finest textile mills to ensure that our garments look and feel incredible. Just as our partner continues their craft of sartoria, we seek to create enduring clothes that define conscious modern luxury.